The Dice Gods demand blood

I’m plotting out my next book at the moment, really fleshing things out. I have always known the overarching shape of the story and where we were going to end up, but all the bits in between are hazy. I like discovering them as I go.

I reached a juncture today where things are getting dicey.

A character is going to die, but I never really knew which one.

I had a hierarchy of which ones I’d be okay with dying, and which one I really DID NOT want to die. So I left it up to my d20 to decide.

I gave the character that I want to live between 1 and 7. If the die chose them, that would not be great.

The second character, I assigned 8 – 13. This character, I don’t really want to die, but could work around their death.

The third character, I assigned 14 – 20. This one I could totally live without and would be fine with them dying.

Once the values were set, I picked up the D20, shook it, then cast it.

It landed on a Nat 1.

You just wouldn’t fuckin’ believe it, would you?

I bargained with the Dice Gods. Oh, let’s do best two out of three, okay? Yeah, we can get another outcome that way, right???

Second roll, a 4.

Sigh. Okay, so that’s how it’s going to be?

Third roll, a 7.

Defeated sigh.

Okay, Dice Gods. 

Message received loud and clear.

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Published by Matthew J. Barbeler

Matthew J. Barbeler writes dark fiction to die for.

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