Hello there! My name’s Matthew, and I write dark fiction to die for. I write across genres, from Science Fiction, to Horror, to LitRPG, GameLit and Dark Fantasy. The one thing my fiction has in common is that it’s all a bit dark, and it always has kick-arse monsters.

I grew up in Queensland, Australia, and still live there with my family. I’m an indigenous Australian hailing from Butchulla country. I’ve been working a day job since I was 16, but I’m working on making this writing thing a full-time gig.

I’m a narrative junkie, always looking for the next great story to get lost in. I don’t discriminate against mediums. Film, novels, television, video games… if it’s got a great story, I’m there.

I’m an avid gamer, drawn equally to games with great stories and compelling gameplay loops. Bonus if they have both!

Under the pseudonym Matthew J. Hellscream, I am the author of the first successfully Kickstarted Australian Fiction Novel, Metro 7.

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