Current Projects

Crematoria Online

There are currently four more novels in the Crematoria Online universe in development. These two, and two further unnanounced books.

Crematoria Online is a LitRPG series, where most of the action and adventure occurs in an alternate reality MMORPG where the players experience the video game world as though it was real.

Rage of the Lightless Depths


After the events of Rise of the Crimson Order, Eldin and Dregswyk are besieged. The Crimson Order are on the cusp of invasion, and the Crimson Queen’s strength grows by the day.

Lucas Hutchins, Investigator with Langdon Specialist Investigations, must put together a team of powerful player characters to launch an assault on the Crimson Queen herself.

All the while, the tensions between the Erodwulf Empire and the Lightsworn Dominion threaten to boil over into a full-blown war.

Estimated release date: Q3 2019



Three strangers are thrown together in the rainforest realm of the Dawn Elves. Each choose to play as a Lightsworn, an exclusive option only available to the Dawn Elves – a class that provides an opportunity for virtually unlimited potential.

Well, there are some limits.

Clint Marks wants nothing more than to play as a Bard, but there are no Bard classes in Crematoria Online. Not one to take no for an answer, Clint forges ahead and does whatever he wants anyway.

Damn the rules, and damn anyone else who stands in his way.

Estimated release date: Q4 2019