Rise of the Crimson Order

This LitRPG novel follows Lucas Hutchins, Investigator, on his adventures in Crematoria Online – the latest big thing in gaming. Not just virtual reality, but alternate reality.

The Investigator class is unique. It can search for clues, and use their skills in deduction to solve mysteries. Armed with his sword and flintlock pistol, Lucas finds himself in the centre of an ages-old conflict.

He teams up with Ellie Rooker, an Enforcer with the Eldin Judiciary. She is judge, jury, and executioner. Together they are tasked with uncovering the rotten heart of this new reality and bring it screaming into the light.

You can read the first chapter for free!

Writing as Matthew J. Hellscream

A now defunct pseudonym, I wrote a number of stories under the name Matthew J. Hellscream. You can find them all listed below.

Metro 7

Cover image of Metro 7

Metro 7 is a relentless sci-fi action-horror novel that takes hold from the first page and doesn’t let go until the last.

As the crew of the Icarus travels through unfriendly space with a war criminal in their cargo hold, they detect a distress signal coming from a human ship. The ship is the Metropolis Seven, a long-vacationer on a ten-year cruise around the galaxy with one hundred thousand passengers and crew on board. The ship is as silent as a crypt.

Captain Goldwing leads a mission aboard the Metropolis Seven while the remaining crew members of the Icarus play babysitter with a psychotic madman who will stop at nothing to reclaim his freedom.

Metro 7 is now available on Kindle.

Carnifex: A Novel of Outback Terror

Butcher. Torturer. Executioner.

A holiday in the Australian outback turns deadly as five tourists find themselves locked in a desperate struggle for survival after stumbling into the hunting grounds of a predator long thought extinct.

Carnifex is available on Amazon.