Short Fiction

Meat Grinder
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The year is 1858, and life in Australia for a freehold land-owner is wrought with danger.

John Holden is a family man with a blood-soaked past that has come back to haunt him. John must embrace his dark history to defend against those who have come to destroy his future.

The Fall of Metropolis Seven
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A meteorite punctures the hull of the Metropolis Seven, a city-sized spacecraft on a ten-year journey across the galaxy. The meteorite is teeming with life that has been dormant for thousands of years, now awake and hungry.

The Fall of Metropolis Seven is the novella prequel to Metro 7.

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All Elliott Stone wanted to do was cause a little trouble for his brother on date night.

Instead, he ended up forming an unbreakable pact with a bloodthirsty demon hell-bent on harvesting the blood of the innocent.