Legacy of the Bloodreaver

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Crematoria Online: A dark fantasy LitRPG series from Matthew J. Barbeler! For fans of Diablo, Bloodborne, Devil May Cry, and The Elder Scrolls.

Making friends has never been Lucas Hutchins’ strong suit, but now he has no choice in the matter. He has a promise to keep, but he’s not strong enough to do it alone.

Lucas forges friendships and alliances with a bunch of ragtag player characters: a purple-haired Apothecary with a passion for baking, a mysterious Occultist who takes role-playing way too seriously, and a Hellkin who just wants everyone to get along.

Meanwhile, the armies of the Crimson Queen are gathering in the realm of Sanguinaria. They mean to invade the Four Kingdoms and bend every man, woman and child to the Crimson Queen’s will.

Lucas must use his wits and his Investigator abilities to find out what the Crimson Queen is up to before it’s too late to fight back.

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